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Hi! My name is Edje Perezantolo. Thank You for visiting my page. My website's name might be difficult to say but I can explain to you the meaning behind it.

IMAHINASYON is a filipino word which means "imagination". Originally, it's an adapted Spanish word (Imaginación) with the same meaning. 

We imagine creatively. We turn this creative imagination into a reality. That's the inspiration behind Imahinasyon.

Establised on August 3, 2013, Imahinasyon was created with love, dedication and passion in Film/Video Making. We want to tell stories just like how we envision it. If we made you laugh or cry, then, we did our job.

About me... I started directing (which that time, I didn't know I was directing) at the age of 12, I gather my friends to act. The only time I realized I was directing is when I borrowed my classmates Sony Erickson flip phone and start recording them while they act. "Fade" is the first transition that I can remember doing with that phone. I can still feel how happy and excited I was about that moment and I wish I know how to transfer files from phone to a hard drive. I was still young and don't know stuff but if I only knew, I could've had that file until now. 

First time I saw an active film set is when I was 15. I was attending my brothers graduation when I heard my neighbor saying some celebrity is coming in the community and they will be filming. I sneak in to the set pretending I was a kid extra (they need kids to play in the playground) but I really didn't go there to be an extra. I watch this guy clacks the slate and a man shouted "Action". That moment of my life I knew, I want to be that guy that yells action. 

Until now, I can still feel that moment even after all these years. Whenever i'm in doubt, I remind myself about that kid who wants that profession. And I hold on to my dream when the road is rocky. 

All I can tell you at this point now is that I am very passionate about filmmaking and I've have been holding to that dream ever since. If we work together, I will work hard to make your investment in me worthwhile. 

Thank You for reading this long bio until this point. Can't wait to work with you. 

(first draft 07/31/22. Unedited)

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